who we are

We are less of an organisation or establishment and more of an innovation & experiment.


We are a collection of individuals, organisation and charities that believe in Young People and Youth Work. We believe in Youth Workers and in the Voluntary Sector. We are committed to providing opportunities & support that close the gaps that Young people fall through.

If you would like to know a little bit more about the organisations that lead the MSYN, where our funding comes from and how we operate, please have a look below.

The Organisations

The Funding

The Security

The MSYN leadership team is currently made up of individuals from the following organisations:


               The Mix

              The Forge Community Church

         Mid Suffolk District Council

  Suffolk County Council

We don't currently have any regular funding and so all of our energy and resources are supported by the infrastructure of the organisations that lead the MSYN.

Having said that we are very grateful to have received some financial support from Suffolk County Council to fund a proportion of our 2017/2018 activities.

We aren't a business, a social enterprise or even a charity. We are a collection of individuals and organisations that are working together for a shared purpose.

We have a shared 'Terms of Reference' and our legal oversight, insurance and financial protection come from The Mix.

The Mid Suffolk Youth Network is a part of The Mix Stowmarket - Registered Charity Number 1149539

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