what we do

It is highly likely that what we do & offer will change each year...in fact we guarantee it will because our opportunities & approach are rooted in research & flexibility!


We strive to match the new & moving needs, challenges & gaps across Mid Suffolk & to respond relevantly to the changing needs of both Young People & the individuals, organisations and communities, working to support them.  

If you would like to know what it coming up, then head over to our 'whats on' page.

If you would like to know a little more about each area of our work over the next year, then take a little look below.

The design, co-ordination and distribution of a district wide Youth Service Directory

'How to' sessions to enable communities to start, run and sustain their own community based youth services

A shared youth work resource library for youth workers, communities and organisation across Suffolk 

of the available services and support to young people, their families & communities

of those working with and supporting young people & their families & communities

due to lack of funding, capacity or experience

the equipment, paperwork & tools we all need to make youth work, work

In Knowledge

In Skills

In Resources

In Services

Closing the Gaps

Free Sessional Training for youth workers from across Suffolk

Free Accredited Training for youth workers from across Suffolk

The Mid Suffolk Youth Network is a part of The Mix Stowmarket - Registered Charity Number 1149539

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